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Holding Hands


Choices in Care

Our experience has shown us that we must care for each individual who comes to us in a unique way.  There is no ONE way for treatment and care for a person who seeks help with disordered eating, therapy for any of life's issues, nutritional support, or health care.  Instead, we believe that it is important to meet to  assess each person's needs and together build a program that will work toward healing and restoration.

One on One Feedback


Here For You

We are happy to meet with family and friends to discuss your concerns. Additionally, we have provided links to several resources for help and information. We believe that no individual goes through a health crisis alone, and family and friends can gain insight into their own issues, and become a part of the journey toward healing.

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A Menu of Options to Supplement

the Care You Provide

You are our colleague in the work to care for individuals with eating disorders, or other issues that may benefit from our services offered. We are here to support your goals for your clients. We have created, we believe, options that will assist the great work that you are accomplishing in their lives. Our goal is to work with you in offering those services that you yourself can not provide.

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