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Dr.  David Hernandez MD is board certified in pediatrics and did a fellowship in adolescent medicine and specializes in the medical management of eating disorders, adolescent medicine and college health. He has been director of Health Services at Westmont College for the past 20 years. Along with his specialty and training in adolescent and college health, Dr. Hernandez became interested in eating disorders when he noted the significant impact that these disorders were having on the health and well being of the college students under his care.

His work in the field of eating disorders now extends beyond the campus to include helping the professionals in the Santa Barbara community care for their clients struggling with eating disorders. Over the years he has developed a unique and caring clinical approach that stresses the bio/psycho/social/spiritual nature of this complex disorder. While Dr. Hernandez’s primary responsibility is to monitor and care for the physical well-being of his patients he believes that it is not enough to simply treat the body, but that the mind and ultimately the spirit must heal before a person has truly recovered from an eating disorder. In order to accomplish this, a great deal of time is spent listening to and learning about each person so as to be able to provide care unique to that individual. 

Dr. Hernandez refers to several Dieticians and Therapists in the community, providing a comprehensive support system for individuals facing issues with eating disorders.

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